Quiz Answers

Q1: Who was the first man to fly around the earth with a spaceship?

Ans: Gagarin

Q2: On which hemisphere were the most dinosaur skeletons found?

Ans: The northern hemisphere

Q3: What color is cobalt?

Ans: Blue

Q4: Who invented vulcanized rubber?

Ans: Goodyear

Q5: What is the organ that is affected when one is suffering from hepatitis?

Ans: Liver

Q6: Which device do we use to look at the stars?

Ans: Telescope

Q7: Which device is used to measure the air pressure?

Ans: Barometer

Q8: Which unit indicates the light intensity?

Ans: Candela

Q9: Who is the father of the atomic bomb?

Ans: Robert Oppenheimer

Q10: Who invented the barometer?

Ans: Torricelli

Q11: Who was the first American in space?

Ans: Alan Shepard

Q12: Two brothers invented the hot air balloon. What was their surname?

Ans: Montgolfier

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