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Q1: Who is the dictator of Cuba?

Ans: Fidel Castro

Q2: Who was the dictator of Iraq?

Ans: Saddam Hussain

Q3: In which state was George W Bush governor before becoming President of the United States?

Ans: Texas

Q4: In which state was Bill Clinton governor before becoming President of the United States?

Ans: Arkansas

Q5: In what year became John Major the leader of the Conservative Party?

Ans: In the year 1990

Q6: In what year was the Berlin wall built?

Ans: In the year 1961

Q7: Jozip Broz was formerly a Yugoslav marshal and statesman. He became prime minister in 1945 and president in 1953. Give a more familiar name.

Ans: Tito

Q8: How were called the British women who fought for women s suffrage?

Ans: Sufragettes

Q9: Who was the Portuguese dictator at the time of Franco?

Ans: Salazar

Q10: What is the defoliant called that was used in Vietnam?

Ans: Agent Orange

Q11: What is the most spoken language in Belgium?

Ans: Dutch language

Q12: How many heads of presidents are carved into Mount Rushmore?

Ans: Four heads

Q13: For how many years is a French president elected?

Ans: Seven years

Q14: Who is the only British Prime Minister to be murdered?

Ans: Spencer Percival

Q15: In which country happened the Orange Revolution between 2004-2005?

Ans: Ukraine

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