Fruits & Vegetables

Quiz Answers

Q1: Which vegetable can be sweet or bitter?

Ans: Pepper

Q2: Which vegetable is used to make ketchup?

Ans: Tomato

Q3: What is the largest vegetable?

Ans: Pumpkin

Q4: Cannonball, bok choy, savoy, kohlrabi, red drumhead are all types of...

Ans: Cabbage

Q5: Name a vegetable that is rich in vitamin A.

Ans: Carrot

Q6: These plants are often called “alternative meat” because they are rich in protein.

Ans: Peas and beans or legumes

Q7: The main ingredient in mash and French fries.

Ans: Potato

Q8: Where did tomatoes originate from?

Ans: America

Q9: What are wild onions called?

Ans: Bear s leek

Q10: Which vegetable makes your eyes tear when you peel it?

Ans: Onion

Q11: What is another name for passion fruit?

Ans: Maracuya

Q12: Which fruit tree is considered to be sacred in India?

Ans: Mango

Q13: Which fruits, also called “Indian apples”, were imported into Europe by Alexander the Great’s warriors?

Ans: Lemons

Q14: In which year did plants began to be classified into fruits and vegetables?

Ans: 1705

Q15: How do pineapples grow?

Ans: On the ground

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