Food and drink

Quiz Answers

Q1: What color is the French wine Beaujolais?

Ans: Red color

Q2: What should you do in the Arab countries to show that the food was delicious?

Ans: Belch

Q3: Which nuts are used in marzipan?

Ans: Almonds

Q4: From which cactus is tequila made?

Ans: Agave

Q5: From which country does pitta bread originate?

Ans: Greece

Q6: Which country is the origin of the cocktail Mojito?

Ans: Cuba

Q7: How many calories does a glass of water contain?

Ans: Zero calories

Q8: What is the well known drink from Greece?

Ans: Ouzo

Q9: What is called a meal in open air?

Ans: Picnic

Q10: Which cheese is traditionally used for pizzas?

Ans: Mozzarella

Q11: Which country is the origin of the Stella beer?

Ans: Belgium

Q12: From which country is the famous Emmental Cheese?

Ans: Switzerland

Q13: What is the most famous Mexican beer?

Ans: Corona

Q14: What is the name of the gas that let rise bread dough?

Ans: Carbon dioxide

Q15: What is Japanese sake made from?

Ans: Rice

Q16: What is bottled a lot in the French town Vichy?

Ans: Water

Q17: Which French town is known for its mustard?

Ans: Dijon

Q18: What is the chemical formula for Table Salt?

Ans: NaCl

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